Vania Larissa - Miss Indonesia 2013

Vania Larissa was born in Pontianak, West Kalimantan on November 18, 1995. She is an Indonesian singer and also the winner of Miss Indonesia 2013. On February 2013, held in Jakarta International Expo, Vania crowned as Miss Indonesia 2013. She was the representative from West Kalimantan.

By declaring that she is the winner, then Vania right to represent Indonesia in Miss World 2013 beauty pageant. And fortunately, this beauty pageant for the first time held in Indonesia precisely in Bali. This is an opportunity of Vania to introduce the cultural diversity of Indonesia, Finally, Vania managed to carve fast track achievement as the winner of Miss World Talent and Top 11 of Miss World Beach Fashion. Not only that, Vania also awarded as Miss World Talent Show 2013. On final result Miss World 2013, she managed to get Top 10 semifinalist and placed at position 7, which get 270 points.

Despite the name of Vania Larissa many known publicly since she succeeded bearing the title of Miss Indonesia 2013, but Vania had already been in entertainment Indonesia as a singer, Name of Vania Larissa became known publicly since following the talent show, Indonesia’s Got Talent in 2010.